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My venue has an onsite coordinator. Won’t they take care of everything?


Most venues and churches these days will have an onsite coordinator or event director. We actually love working with onsite coordinators! They know the ins and outs of the venue better than anyone else and can help answer questions about what works best in their space. Venues love planners because we help manage the day-to-day planning needs of our brides that make their jobs easier and answer your questions so the venue coordinator can focus on their priority which is to keep things running smoothly at the venue. Let's compare what you can expect though!

Venue Coordinator
• Their job is looking out for the best interests of the venue
• Limited availability to you. They are not there to answer your every planning question or chat about your frustrations with another vendor. They expected to book events nearly every weekend so they just can't dedicate one-on-one time to you
• Often times they leave once the meal is served
• You get who you get. The coordinator comes with the venue, whether you like their personality or not.
• High turnover rates. No guarantees that the coordinator you met when you booked will be there on your wedding day

Your VIPlanner
√ My job is to look out for YOUR best interests
√ From the day you sign the contract I am available to answer your questions. I don't book events every weekend so that I CAN spend more time getting to know you, your vision, your concerns, etc. By the time we get to your event date I know all the who, what, when, where, whys and hows
√ I am there from the time you contracted me to the end of your event
√ You did your research and chose a planner that matches your style and personality and we know how important it is that the planner you chose will be alongside you throughout this process and on your big day!


My venue has an option to book a wedding planner. Shouldn’t I just go with them?


Most "wedding planners" offered by venues are only a step off of what you would be getting from an onsite coordinator. In fact, I find that the venues that offer a wedding planner are simply itemizing this what still is a required expense so that they still have the assurance of their coordinator who is there for the venue. Essentially you are paying for someone to get you down the aisle. If that's all it is, anyone can do that.

Your wedding day is unique to you and part of my greatest joy is finding that one thing about you, your future spouse, your family or maybe even your friends that is going to really stand out and personalize your event. I want to help bring your reception together in ways you may not have thought of so that your guests walk into the room and say, "Wow!" My experience, continuing education and relationships with my vendors are what allow me to completely support my brides along the way. I am invested in you and take the responsibility of managing your wedding day very seriously. The dedication I have to my industry is what ensures that if something goes wrong, you probably won't even know it happened because I'm already solving it before it affects you.