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My venue has an option to book a wedding planner. Shouldn’t I just go with them?

Most "wedding planners" offered by venues are only a step off of what you would be getting from an onsite coordinator. In fact, I find that the venues that offer a wedding planner are simply itemizing this what still is a required expense so that they still have the assurance of their coordinator who is there for the venue. Essentially you are paying for someone to get you down the aisle. If that's all it is, anyone can do that.

Your wedding day is unique to you and part of my greatest joy is finding that one thing about you, your future spouse, your family or maybe even your friends that is going to really stand out and personalize your event. I want to help bring your reception together in ways you may not have thought of so that your guests walk into the room and say, "Wow!" My experience, continuing education and relationships with my vendors are what allow me to completely support my brides along the way. I am invested in you and take the responsibility of managing your wedding day very seriously. The dedication I have to my industry is what ensures that if something goes wrong, you probably won't even know it happened because I'm already solving it before it affects you.

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